88 Ladder 3

Ladder 3 is a 2012 Ferrara quint.  The aerial ladder has a reach of 77 feet. This first due piece of apparatus has a 1500gpm pump and 300 gallons of water that is used for initial fire knocked down. The CAFS foam system also makes the water more effective, reducing the amount of water and hopefully reducing the amount of damage to one's property.  This truck also has a full complement of tools and equipment that are utilized in rescue situations.

88 Tanker 1

88-Tanker 1 is a 1998 freightliner Tanker built by Valley Fire Equipment.
The tanker has the capacity to carry 1750 gallons of water. 
The tanker is also equipped with a 500 gpm portable pump, forestry tools and other equipment

88 Engine 2 

88-Engine 2 is a 2002 Spartan/Valley Fire, Rescue/Pumper.The Engine has a 1250 gpm pump and holds 750 gallons of water.

    • Allison 5 speed transmission 
    • Detroit Series 60 - 470HP engine 
    • 1250 gallon per minute pump 
    • Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) 
    • 750 gallons of water w/ 35 gallons of foam 
    • Roll-up doors for all compartments 
    • PTO driven 10kw generator 
    • 150' of air hose on a electric reel, for pneumatic tools and air bags. 
    • 150' of electric cord on a electric reel 
    • Extrication equipment of the back, with 4 tools pre-connected. (2 Cutters, spreaders, ram, and combi tool) 
    • Hydraulic Ladder (24' extension, 14' roof, and 10' folding) 
    • (2) 250' - 1 3/4 cross lays 
    • (1) 250' - 2 1/2 line off the back of the engine 
    • (1) 350' - 1 3/4 line off the back of the engine 
    • (1) 150' - 1 3/4 trash line in the front bumper 
    • 2500' of 3" supply line 
    • On-spot chains 
    • 5" front mount suction in the bumper 
    • The right (drivers) is set up for fire fighting 
    • The left (officers) is set up for Rescue. 

    88 Utility 1

    2016 Chevy 3500 pickup truck. 

    This vehicle is utilized by the on-call officers to respond to calls that only warrant a single individual response. i.e. motor vehicle crash with no injuries and minor damage, a CO alarm with no symptoms.  The utility is also used to pull the air trailer that is used by all the towns in the Lake Sunapee area to fill their SCBA cylinders. 

      88 Car 1

      The 2011 Chevy Tahoe is the department's command vehicle. This vehicle is utilized by the chief officer during major calls or by the on-call officer to respond to non-emergency incidents.

      88 Boat 1

      88 Boat 1, was a donation to the New London Firefighters Association 2007. This info to boat has a 40 hp engine and is able to be utilized on the five bodies of water in New London as well as surrounding communities. This piece of equipment is also utilized to support the Lake Sunapee Dive Team operations.

      Forestry Trailer

      The forestry trailer is set up to outfit 25 firefighters with tools and equipment.  The trailer carries 2500ft. of forestry hose, float pump, Indian packs, back packs,  chain saws, and an assortment of hand tools.