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New London Fire Department Officers

Chief Jason B. Lyon NH Certified Career, EMT 
Deputy Chief Pete Lewis NH Certified Level 1 
Captain Geoff Daley NH Certified Level 2 
1st Lieutenant Sean Cushing NH Certified Level 1 
2nd Lieutenant John Cannon Maine Certified Level 2 
3rd Lieutenant Park Adams Certified Level 1  
Safety Officer Walter Partridge NH Certified Career, EMT 
4th Lieutenant Tom Peltier Certified Level 1 
5th Lieutenant Corey Bartlett NH Certified Level 3, EMT 
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NLFD Members

Amy Lyon Firefighter, Clerk NH Certified Level 1 
Andrew Sarnevitz Firefighter Certified Level 1 
Ben Cushing Firefighter  
Cam Summerton Jr. Firefighter  
Chip Steward Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
CJ Brim Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
Corey Oxland Firefighter NH Certified Level 2 
Courtney Heath Firefighter NH Certified Level 1  
Dan Hafner Firefighter  
Dan Miller Firefighter  
David Russel Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
Edward Johnson Firefighter NH Certified Level 2 
Ethan Ballin Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
Gary Faccone Firefighter  
Gena Edmunds Firefighter NH Certified Level 1, EMT 
Glen Lohmann Firefighter NH Certified Level 2, EMT 
Ian Gill Firefighter NH Certified Level 3, EMT-A 
Jamie Bechok Firefighter NH Certified Level 2 
Jamie MacKenna Firefighter NH Certified Level 2 
Jim DeAngelis Prob. Firefighter  
Josh Lizotte Prob. Firefighter  
Keith Stone Firefighter  
Kenny Carey Jr. Firefighter  
Kurt Thomas Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
Kyla Pillsbury Firefighter NH Certified Level 1, EMT Advanced  
Peter Smith Firefighter GA Level 1 
Quinn Miller Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
Ralf Tingley Firefighter CT Level 1, Fire Inspector 
Richard Anderson Firefighter  
Samantha Fino Firefighter NH Certified Level 1 
Scott Gilmour Firefighter  
Stone Philip Firefighter  
Thomas Durling Firefighter NH Certified Level 2 
Tim White Jr. Firefighter  
Travis Sniffen Firefighter NH Certified Level 3, Paramedic  
Zack Brennon Firefighter  
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The New London Fire Department is a "paid on call" fire department, and as such, we rely on members of the community to fill various positions within the department. This provides the perfect opportunity for someone to give something special back to the community they reside in. Although not everyone wants to enter a burning building, there are many other aspects of the department that you might find interesting.  Some of these positions include Radio Operator, Safety Officer, Truck Driver or Traffic Control. All of these positions must work together in order for the department to meet its objectives in each and every incident.

Another aspect of the department is our Junior Firefighter Program. This program is designed and directed for individuals who have not reached 18 years of age, but have an interest in learning more about the department. These members are not allowed to drive the apparatus or enter hazardous situations, but it does allow them to get a feel for the fire service and to provide support to the other members. Many of the participants in this program go on to join the department as regular members.

If you are interested in exploring the potential opportunities within NLFD, please stop by the station and speak to Chief Jason Lyon or Firefighter Gena Edmunds. Or if you prefer, come to our next meeting or training to get a better understanding of what the department is all about. They are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

NLFD Emeritus Members

NameRet. PositionYears of Service
Chris Hoffman Lieutenant 22 
Ed Broadhead Firefighter 33 
F. Donald Jones Lieutenant 19 Years 
Jen Ellis Safety Officer 19 
Karl Bjorklund Deputy Chief 14 
Nancy Erickson Captain 22 
Paul Messer Lieutenant 34 
Peter Stanley Fire Chief 30 
Stephen Ensign Lieutenant Clerk 35 
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